Welcome to LilaRose !

Hi :)
We are LilaRose, a danish band that creates world rock and journey music.

Our mission

is to help you connect with and explore the mythic, archetypal and spiritual dimensions. Dimensions hidden deep inside the psyche. Dimensions which also are penetrating the consensus world through synchronicities. We want to inspire you to explore your dreams, fantasies and visions and help you to gain access to that immense guidance there is in having attention on the inner world. Guidance which - if you follow your call to your adventure - leads you to a very exciting and meaningful life.
To do this we “walk the path”, as Buddha would say. We believe so much in our dreams and visions that we have in a miraculous way created a place, called The Magic Garden located in Fredensborg, Denmark, where our music and art can unfold.

Jacob Moth, Ecaterina Condrea and Sune Vang Nielsen

About our world rock music.
It is energetic poetic music inspired by the Eternal Philosophy, poprock and classical music. The musical style is a hybrid of Madonna’s melodic power pop, Björk’s catchy mysticism, Peter Gabriel’s filmic landscapes, Jimi Hendrix’s raw nerve, Beethoven’s symphonic universes and the wistful soul of Moldovan folk music. So if you love some of this artists, go on and watch this video.

About our journey music.
It is music played and recorded live, improvised in the now, at our full moon concerts or life transforming ceremonies. It is music that helps you connect to your soul, your source, helps you release resistance, get insights, hear your higher self. If you feel you need to start listening to your higher self, to find your purpose in life, to connect and deepen your relationship with yourself watch this video. While it is interesting to see what happens in the video, please take your time to close your eyes and listen to the music. Feel the shift in you and remember the feeling.

LilaRose Odyssey - vision with 11 albums
We are working on a vision to create 11 coherent albums - the LilaRose Odyssey.
Listen to our music through our Cosmology Player. You enter the Cosmology player by clicking the Enter Cosmology in Sun Wheel at the left wing of the butterfly.

The LilaRose Odyssey is intertwined with the concept of The Magic Garden. Read our blogs here.

Listen to our first album LilaRose Odyssey part one - Rebirth on Spotify.

How to use the Cosmology Player
In the Cosmology Player you can make your own playlist. Click on the song and it comes into playlist. For each track, there are four links: video, blog, lyrics and location. Each number is associated with a specific location in the Magic Garden (Check The Magic Garden). This location can be both a symbol, a sculpture, an image, a location and/or a story. The music and its associated location merge together in a meaningful cosmology. Click on the video blogs to explore the track and the location that you are interested in. In the bottom right corner of the Cosmology Player the link Location Overview will show you a map of all locations.

Peace of mind